Thursday, December 25, 2008

Finding People Who Match Your Results

Having done (ideally) 67 markers, you then look at the results page, and you may not find any matches within the listed Taylor results. Do not despair! You have several options.

Your first option is to wait until another Taylor joins the project and matches your results.

Second, you can search the entire Family Tree DNA database, if you indicate that you do not want to limit your search to the Taylor surname. It may be that you have a match with the last name Cruse, or Obama, or Robinson! Why could this be true? Because not all people carry the surname of their biological father. And when they have children, their children will carry (usually) the name of the father, so the "false" name is propogated down generations.

A third option is to upload your markers to to find matches with those who had testing done by other companies.

While you are going through this process, you should still work on refining your research on your own family tree. That is the family tree you want to post to the Taylor DNA project, and it is the family tree you want to share with people who match your results.

The best of luck to you on this! Our goal is to fully document all the Taylor lines! Fortunately, we won't run out of fun doing this job in the near future!

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