Friday, September 3, 2010

Searching Taylor Family Trees in the Taylor Surname Project

Will Abstracts, Belmont County, Ohio, Vols. A, B, and C (1810-1827)

Participants in the Surname Project have the opportunity to submit family trees.  In fact, they are strongly encouraged to do so, as well as to send in updated information if they discover changes.  However with almost 400 participants, it was hard to find information across the membership.  Now, with the single link below, you can search for given names, locations, migration patterns... 

I've just spent a pleasant hour searching around looking for a collatoral Taylor line.  Like many of you, I descend from two Taylor lines, and the "other" one I don't have a direct male descendant to test.  So I was looking to see if that line is already in the database.  It appears not to be, but more searching or a different approach may help me find the right line. 

In the meantime I have a couple of Taylor groups that were in the right locations at the right time in US history to be possible contenders.

Best wishes for your successful ancestoral search!