Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some new information about predicting appearance from DNA


As fans of genetic genealogy, we are always interested in new applications.  Here are a couple of articles about predicting appearance from a DNA sample:



Both of these articles feature a recent study that identified characteristics of a man who lived over 4,000 years ago.  His blood type was A+, he had indicators for male-pattern baldness, dark skin, and was likely stout or square of build.

It may be that within years there will be genealogical applications for this.  Could the future bring a DNA test that allows us to "see" some of our ancestors?

Lalia Wilson for the Taylor DNA Project

Monday, May 10, 2010

Taylors and Humankind

Greetings Taylors and Fans,

I've got a bunch of forthcoming articles about general Taylor topics. I'll give some hints here, and then send you to a very interesting site at BBC with information about human origins.

So, we now have over 350 members, and our project is growing every day. We have most information focused on the y-DNA project, but Taylors are also participating in mtDNA and autosomal DNA studies. (The Family Finder test is an autosomal DNA test.) Expect to hear more about all of these in future blogs.

First to come along, though, will be some information from project member Jeff Taylor who found cousins and his immigrant ancestor through our project. I'll have that information on the blog soon!

In the meantime, ever wondered about "Cave Man?" Are we related to the Neanderthals? Well, according to a recent article in the well-regarded and peer-reviewed journal Science, we are. See more at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8660940.stm.

Lalia Wilson
for the Taylor DNA project