Monday, March 30, 2009

Genetic Genealogy information


Naturally, as members of a common surname project, we are all interested in genetic genealogy. I would like to point you to a good article with lots of information at

I also want to specifically point out this part of that article, which to me makes the case for participating in our project:


Genetic genealogy gives genealogists a means to check or supplement the historical record with information from genetic data. A positive test match with another individual may:

● provide locations for further genealogical research

● help determine ancestral homeland

● discover living relatives

● validate existing research

● confirm or deny suspected connections between families

● prove or disprove theories regarding ancestry

That pretty much says it all! Keep working on your family tree and keep getting your friends and relatives involved!

New Taylor Genealogy Book by project member

"TAYLOR-TUCKER CHRONICLES" by Wanda M. Taylor is now shipping.

This compilation of descendants of William Taylor and Joseph Tucker, of Perry County, Missouri includes families of: Taylor, Tucker, Miles, Ellis, May, Moranville, & Schlatman.

It is 542 pp., surname indexed and includes some photos & bio sketches for the above named descendant families. These founders of Perry County were some of the Maryland to Kentucky to Missouri emigrants previously researched by Timothy O'Rourke for his "Maryland Catholics on the Frontier". Maternal ancestor lines included are: Byrne, Cambron, Drury, Dunn(e),
Hagan, Heydon, McAtee, McBride, McCauley, McGinnis, Moore & White.

The book has a partial bibliography. The author will share further information from her database.

If you are interested in a copy, or would like to ask other questions, email:

Telephone: 530-222-4278

or, send check for $65 (includes shipping) to: Wanda Taylor