Friday, December 19, 2008

Welcome to the Taylor DNA Project Blog—Taylor Topics!

In the interests of serving project members and forwarding the educational and informational goals of the project; the project administers have decided to use a blog for communicating with members.

Our goal is to provide you with information that helps you understand your family tree and to connect with relatives and go further backward to previous generations in your family tree.

The blog will feature short pieces of information about DNA testing, Taylor genealogy, famous Taylors and associated topics.

If you have managed to have a breakthrough regarding your Taylor line through using this project, please send the story to Lalia Wilson ( so that we can share your story with other project members.

We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions so that everyone’s questions are answered.


  1. Lalia,
    I think this is a great idea. I haven't yet submitted my dna, did relative genetics a few years ago but plan to do this one. The blog will be helpful for anyone interested in making possible connections. My Taylor's go back as far as 1700 in Rhode Island so if anyone has any Taylor ancestors from there I'd be really interested in hearing about them.

  2. Lalia,

    This is a wonderful thing you're doing. My Taylor ancestors go back to 1757...and DNA testing has shown they came from Scotland and Ireland to the United States, winding up in Maryland. I'd love to find a way to connect to as many Taylors from Scotland and Ultser as possible and find a connection to my ancestor John Leason Taylor born in 1757. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.
    Thanks again for doing this,


  3. I have "my Taylors" back to the immigrant, Michael Taylor, who came to Nova Scotia in 1774 from Yorkshire, and three generations before him, all named Anthoney. The immigrant grandmother was Ann Dobson and I have her parents, in Yorkshire, but not any before that. My Great grand-father came to Missouri from Nova Scotia in the 1860/70 where the last five of his 11 children were born. (Michael Taylor & Sarah Scott) They lived in the Maysville, Missouri area, where the father died. Most of the family then went on to Oklahoma (Fairview, Major County). My own grandparents (Walter Michael Zacharia Taylor, and Martha Lucy "Lu" Paul Taylor) had four sons before going to homestead in Alberta, Canada where their last child and only daughter was born (she is now 92). The family moved back to the States in 1928 and my grandparents were divorced, in Wichita, Sedqwick County Kansas) in 1929. The two eldest Taylor sons stayed in Alberta and the other three children lived with their mother, all of them married in or near Wichita. True to the footloose tradition I have lived my adult life in Washington State and in Idaho. I have three grown daughters and we anticipate our first grandchild later this month or very early in January. I am Adrien Paul Taylor, Jr. I was born in Wichita in 1939, the second of two children. My wife is Marilyn Dianne (Hesla) Taylor, she born in Portland, Oregon.

    I am excited about this project.

    I will happily share any info I have.

    Adrien Taylor
    Boise, Idaho
    298 343-6648

  4. I just sent in my kit so it will be a while until the results get back. I've traced my line back to William Taylor, married in 1796 to Fanny Foster, Louisa county, VA, then to Albemarle county. Their son William marries Patience Sayrs (sp)in Circleville, Ohio, in 1832, moving shortly thereafter to the Bucyrus area. 1870 their son Ephraim and wife Peninnah Downing move to near Chanute, KS. Son Eugene Barclay Taylor and wife Ida K Pugh, to Everette Taylor and wife Elizabeth Daniels, to my parents, to me.

    I'm looking forward to the results of the DNA test and maybe finding some more links before 1796.

  5. Greetings, all!

    I hope other readers who come along will stop to read the comments, because you are all indicating good information that will help some lucky readers find family!


    And Steve, I have a Taylor link back to Albemarle County VA as well.