Sunday, July 26, 2009

Y-DNA as a research tool for populations

Here is another article, more abstract, yet with implications that impact the Taylor project, as many Taylor lines go back to Great Britain.


Eastman's article on y-DNA as a genealogy tool


I'll just put the link here. I don't agree with every word, nor with all the numerous comments, but the majority is good information.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Taylors in the USA

If you are interested enough in Taylors to be reading this blog, you’ve probably already searched for Taylors in public records. Not an easy task, is it? Then, if you combine the Taylor surname with a common first name, say John or James, you are in real trouble. You can find many of them even in the same counties you know your ancestor of the same name lived…

But here’s proof of how many Taylors are out there. This information was obtained from’s census records and then corrected, because a number of censuses underreported in some years. Thanks to Ralph Taylor and Josh Taylor, project administrators who did the hard work.

Consider these numbers:

US Federal Census Data for Taylor, 1790-1930
From search on "taylor", exact match, exact spelling at US federal census indices, with corrections for underreporting in some jurisdictions.

1790 9,710
1800 13,300
1810 17,940
1820 23,600
1830 33,650
1840 58,560
1850 67,430
1860 85,620
1870 133,270
1880 171,360
1890 211,160
1900 248,515
1910 283,066
1920 313,925
1930 341,174

So, how do you find the right Taylor ancestors? Glad you asked that. Y-chromosome DNA is one way to go about locating the right Taylor family. Go to and look for the Taylor surname project. We are now at 277 members and just beginning to fully elucidate the Taylor gene pool.

And, yes, there are other ways to find your correct Taylor ancestors. Go for the paper trail with public and private documents. And, realistically, you need to do both. The combination of biological proof and a paper trail will make definite proof that you are investigating the right ancestors.

Good luck with your genealogy research! Remember to get back to the Taylor surname project when you have updated your Taylor family tree.