Monday, March 12, 2012

Prominent American Taylors

We have the Taylor name in the news again today with James Vernon Taylor’s 64th birthday. James Taylor was born in Boston on 12 March 2012. He is famous as a singer and songwriter in the folk music and folk to pop music category.

Another famous Taylor was born on February 27th 1932: Elizabeth Taylor born in London. I did not know until this year that she is part of an American Taylor family.

If your Taylor line connects to either of these well-know Taylor lines, please let me know!

Lalia Wilson for the Taylor Surname Project

Lalia is keenly interested in genetic genealogy for many reasons, among them the many common surnames in her personal genealogy. In addition to Taylor, these include: Jackson, Johnson, Madden, Moore, Robinson, Stone and Wilson. These families were in North America prior to 1700 and followed migration paths from Virginia or Pennsylvania or New York to Ohio then Missouri or to Kentucky then Missouri. Please contact Lalia with questions about the blog, or story ideas, or if you think you’re a relative: Lalia W /at/ aol dot com.