Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sale on genetic tests!

Greetings fellow Taylor fans!  If you have been putting off genetic testing because it's too expensive, order your tests today.  If you've ever wanted to do genetic genealogy there has been no better time than today.

We at the Taylor project can also probably be of some help with Family Finder, y-DNA or mt-DNA results and matches, if you want our help. We are your first choice for the Y-DNA, of course, but some of us have done a bunch of work on the other tests, too.

The site is the place to go. They have by far the biggest database--about 10 times what's available elsewhere--and the focus is on genealogy, which is not necessarily the case at other sites.

For Y-DNA, do 67 markers or more. A 67/67 match means that the men are related (50% probability) no further apart than second cousins. You are wasting time and money to test fewer than 67 markers. (A 12/12 match means you are related in the last 2,000 years! Not much genealogical help.)

I recommend you also do a Family Finder test that tests all family lines on autosomal DNA. This will even be of help assuming you are a male Taylor wanting information only about the Taylor line.  Why?  Because one of your cousins, not a Taylor direct descendant, may have that critical missing piece of information about your Taylor line.

If you want to do mt-DNA, go ahead. So far my brother and I have no matches there, but we do know we are haplogroup T2, the same as many of the deceased in 79 AD in the Vesuvius eruption, and the same as Czar Nicholas II.

Lalia Wilson for the Taylor Surname Project

Lalia is keenly interested in genetic genealogy for many reasons, among them the many common surnames in her personal genealogy. In addition to Taylor, these include: Jackson, Johnson, Madden, Moore, Robinson, Stone and Wilson. These families were in North America prior to 1700 and followed migration paths from Virginia or Pennsylvania or New York to Ohio then Missouri or to Kentucky then Missouri. Please contact Lalia with questions about the blog, or story ideas, or if you think you’re a relative: Lalia W /at/ aol dot com.

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