Friday, August 5, 2011

Adding in Taylor data from non-Family Tree projects

DNA: The Secret of LifeFamily Tree DNA is offering special pricing to include people who have tested their y-DNA with other companies.  This is important to the existing members of the Taylor Project at FTDNA, and to other people who have tested at other companies.  Why?  Because everyone new being added to FTDNA brings more matches.

If you are currently a FTDNA member, tell your friends about this.  You also can expect to pick up new matches as more samples are added to the entire database of y-DNA.

If you are a member of another project at a company other than Family Tree DNA, you can add your sample to the world's largest genealogy DNA database and will then have much more likely matches!

To summarize, in the words of our project leader Ralph Taylor:

§ For $19, Taylors with Ancestry (or other testing company) results can transfer to FTDNA and join Taylor Family Genes. Their results can then be compared and possibly matched.  We could pick up as many as 200 additional members.

§ For another $39 ($58 total), they can add analyses of markers “missing” from the FTDNA 25- or 37-marker panels to make for consistent comparisons.

If you are a person who has tested elsewhere, go directly to the FTDNA website to arrange to be included in the largest database.

If your sample is already at FTDNA, encourage others to take advantage of this opportunity.  It is a way to find more matches for all of us!

I certainly am looking for some missing "links" on some of my family lines.


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