Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Source for Genetic Matching Information


I've come across another site that has information on genetic matching statistics. While this is not exactly how I would have presented it, it is easily understood and may be more accessible to you than what was presented here in earlier blogs.

To use these tables you will need to know the number of markers you have tested and the number that are different, if any, from a likely relative.

Please let me know your interesting stories.

Lalia Wilson for the Taylor Surname Project

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  1. You asked for interesting stories---
    Well, my brothers ydna was tested this year and it turns out that we are more related to the Taylors then we are to our surname of GROVES. Now I have no clues as to where to search. I have researched the GROVES surname to 1793 in North Carolina where it comes to a dead end for documentation.
    Any suggestions for researching the Taylors in this time period for an adoption or other event?